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Merge Gaming Removes Skrill As Payment Method

Merge Gaming Removes Skrill As Payment Method

The Merge Network used to be one of the biggest poker networks in the world in its prime. At the time it was a serious competitor to Bovada for the biggest share of the US market and had many big skins that also attracted players from other corners of the world.

All of this ended however. The details are not 100 percent clear on what happened internally, but Merge decided to shut off almost every single partner skin and only continue with their own skins and remove many rewards at the same time.

This led to a big decrease in traffic, both cash-game as well as tournament wise. The decrease in traffic scared away even more players and eventually Merge was nothing but a shadow of itself. The network did manage to pull itself up a bit, but the traffic numbers are still low compared to their old numbers and their competitors.

Now to make things worse, Merge has had cash out problems for a while as members of the online poker forum 2+2 reported. Initially the reports were that cash outs was taking more than 10 days, which quickly escalated into taking more than a month.

Merge has not been giving any useful explanation towards why the cashout arised, but simply told people to be patient. Now the network removed Skrill as a payment option, leaving tons of players with cancelled cash out without any explanation towards why.

Instead Merge sent out an email to the players affected and told them that they could request a bankwire instead and got a tournament ticket as an apology. While this sounds like a decent way of dealing with the issue, there is a problem as many players are not eligible for bankwire cashouts.

According to, a player even reported Carbon Poker to the Antigua Gaming Commission over the lack of cashouts, but was only told that they are monitoring the situation and that the company doesn’t seem to have any liquidity issues.

Many players are now trying to cash out all of their funds as quickly as they can, one they find a method that actually works for them. It seems that Merge is about to take another plunge traffic wise and that might not help their current situation, where it seems that the cash flow is not at the level it should be to operate.