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Melbourne Man Wins Aussie Millions Poker, Gets $1.6 Million from $130

Melbourne Man Wins Aussie Millions Poker Gets 1.6 Million from 130

Melbourne Shurane Vijayaram came first in the Aussie Millions Poker Championship, winning a handsome $1.6 million jackpot on Monday. The 33-year-old earned the right to take part in the prominent event last Sunday after placing first at a Crown Casino tournament with a bet of $130. 

This is the first time Vijayaram has won a professional poker tournament. During the eight days of the event, he played against top poker professionals from all over the world, including British Ben Heath who placed second at the Aussie Millions and got a $1 million prize.

Experts are unanimous that Vijayaram’s cool attitude during the game coupled with his amazing performance based on a pair of fives in the final hand won him the trophy.  Quoting poker guru Jason Somerville, “Shurane with a pair of fives, is the sickest call I think I’ve ever seen. […] We may never see a call again as good as that for as much money as that ever.”

The event was broadcast on and watched by over 30,000 viewers online.