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Mauri Dorbek Wins Unibet Open Tallinn

Mauri Dorbek Wins Unibet Open Tallinn

Unibet Open Tallinn has been a great success for Unibet, as players from all across the globe took the trip to the Estonian Capital Tallinn to play the event and reported back lots of positive words on the tournament. Local player Mauri Dorbek is probably also very excited about the tournament as he won the tournament and €55,500.

The final table was reached on the final day, where it was a great mix of professional and amateur players, with Dmitry Varmalov having a big chiplead over the other players at the table. As the hours went by the players dropped out one by one and finally it was a heads up match between Varmalov and Dorbek.

Dorbek came to the final table with 737,000 in chips, while Varmalow had more than three times as much with 2,825,000 in chips. When they reached the heads up battle however, the stacks were slightly more even, even though Varmalov still had more than Dorbek.

After half an hour of play Dorbek had the upper hand however, as he had accumulated a massive 5.8 million in chips, while Varmalov was down to 1.3 million only, forcing him to play a little more loose to have a chance of winning the trophy.

The final hand came after 45 minutes of heads-up play, where Varmalov moved all-in from the button and got a call from Dorbek.

Dorbek shows 9 Hearts 9 Diamonds

Varmalow shows Queen Clubs7 Diamonds and has to hit on the board.

The board comes out Ace Spades8 Hearts 6 Hearts9 Clubs8 Spades and Dorbek hits a full house, while Varmalov didn't hit a hand.

Congratulations to Dorbek with the title and the €55,500, after having played some impressive heads-up play.

Photo Credits: Unibet Open

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