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Maryland Poker Sees A Rise Of 22% Revenue In July

Maryland Poker Sees A Rise Of 22% Revenue In July

The state of Maryland sees an impressive increase of 22% from the four poker rooms and 124 tables in the state, a total $3.77m in the month of July, compared to previous years as confirmed by the gaming regulators of the state.

The numbers in revenue were slightly up by $0.68m if considered from the same period in 2016. The poker rooms this year up to June have made an astounding $22.8m, up by 27.6% from the $17.45m during the same time the previous year.

The coming of the newly opened MGM Harbor casino leading by raking in with it $50.7m in gaming revenue in July, the gaming revenue from all the six casinos combined jumped by 33.6%, rising to $138.7m, year on year.

The casino revenue in Maryland supports the Maryland Education Trust Fund, local impact grants, the horse racing industry of the states and the Maryland General Fund, according to the state law.


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