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Majority of Americans support online poker

Majority of Americans support online poker

Reason-Rupe, the non-profit research and educational organization, has released the results of a new poll conducted amongst 1000 Americans on various topics including poker and gambling and especially a question formulated as "Do you think the government should prohibit people from gambling in online poker games, or should the government allow people to do this?".

The reply by most of those asked, or 65% of respondants, said the government should allow people to play online poker whenever they want. Only 32% said or agreed that it should be prohibited by government. The remaining 3% of replies were of those who didn't know or had no opinion.

Dissecting the data even further, it was discovered that it was a majority of Republican respondants who were in favour of legalizing online poker rather than Democrats as it would be expected. The younger strata of the population, or people 55 years of age and younger, were more supportive of the idea than older respondants. According to the data extrapolated by the Reason-Rupe poll, more educated people and higher income populations were supportive of regulated online poker.

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