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Mafia Boss Nicola Femia Sentenced to Imprisonment for Managing $65 Million Illegal Gaming Operation

Mafia Boss Nicola Femia Sentenced to Imprisonment for Managing 65 Million Illegal Gaming Operation

Italian Nicola Femia notorious for his links with the mafia will spend 26 years in prison for running an illegal online gaming operation.

The court sentence is a result of a long investigation by Gazzetta di Modena journalist Giovanni Tizian which led to the arrest of the mafioso along with 28 other suspects back in 2013.

Femia was initially charged with running 1,500 rigged slot machines in the Emilia-Romagna region of the country. In addition, he was found to be operating several unlicensed online poker and casino websites hosted in the UK and Romania, using the support of three police officers.

The three-year-long lawsuit revealed that Femia’s son and daughter were also implicated in the scheme worth a suspected $65 million. In addition, links of the Femia family to the Ndrangeta mafia syndicate were exposed. During his investigation, journalist Tizian claimed he received death threats from the mafia boss.

Femia’s London-based accomplice Massimiliano Rizzo has been sentenced to three years in prison for conspiracy to organize fraudulent online gambling. Nicola Rocco has received 15 years behind bars while his sister will be in jail for 10 years and 10 months.