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Lucky poker pro dodges two robbery attempts

Lucky poker pro dodges two robbery attempts

Eric Riley, a poker pro who had just won $100,000 after a tournament win in Atlantic City, managed to avoid having his duffelbag full of cash stolen from him not once but twice in a matter of minutes. Riley was supposed to catch a flight at Kennedy Airport on Wednesday, for which he got a ride from a supposed friend who then proceeded to betray the poker player.

It seems while Riley was getting off his friend's car, the driver sped away with the trunk still open and holding Riley's bag full of cash in an attempt to steal it. The poker player got into a taxi and chased down the car managing to catch up with it at a red light several blocks from the flight terminal. Riley got out of the taxi and managed to rescue his bag from the still open trunk.

It was at this point that a black Camry appeared at the scene and two men claiming to be undercover police officers offered Riley a ride and protection. The unsuspecting poker player got in and told his story just to have one of the alleged police officers pull out a gun and point it to his chest demanding he hand over the bag. Instead, Riley refused and clutching the bag against hinself jumped off the car and rolled down the highway sustaining minor injuries.

The poker player managed to hail down another taxi and drive to the nearest police station where he reported the incident. The police are inquiring if all three robbers were connected or if these were separate incidents.