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Low number of claims for FTP remissions

Low number of claims for FTP remissions

Former Full Tilt Poker players from the US looking to reclaim their locked balances have had time since mid-September to send in their claims to the Department of Justice appointed remissions administrator, Garden City Group.

Yet according to the GCG, there has been only a very small percentage of claims made. According to an update posted at the official remissions website, fewer than 2% of all eligible US players have even filed for a reclaim of their cash.

There are still approximately $150 million locked in the old Full Tilt Poker balances from before the company was taken over by PokerStars. The deal which The Rational Group (parent company of PokerStars) struck with the US Department of Justice, included the forfeiture of $547 million. It is part of this money which is being used to pay back players with locked bankrolls.

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