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Lock Poker Pro ends endorsement deal

Lock Poker Pro ends endorsement deal

Lock Poker has been on the news for quite some time due to some continuous problems with withdrawals, network issues and a very critical customer base. The latest headline now involves Lock Poker losing one of its top sponsored players, Michael Mizrachi. Mizrachi has prematurely ended his sponsorship deal with the failing poker room adding further fuel to the fires of speculation.

It was barely a few mnths ago that Mizrachi very enthusiastically announced he would be wearing the patch of Lock Poker and throughout the time the deal lasted, Michael Mizrachi became the most recognizable poker pro of Lock Poker, featuring in media always next to the brand. Now, with the departure of Mizrachi, Lock has lost its most popular representative.

There has been much speculation as to what the reasons for ending the sponsorship contract might have been and online forums are alight with as many theories. chief amongst these theories is the fact that Lock has been shrouded in much controvery lately, especially involving its financial health, player withdrawals and overall possibility of closure and that Mizrachi is quiting the online poker room before things get worse or his name and reputation get further tarnished.

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