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LGA Malta Suspends Goalgaming’s Operational License

By Daniel Allermand

The Lotteries and Gaming Authority in Malta released a statement today where they announce that they have asked Goalgaming Ltd to stop their operations, stop taking in new customers and deposits as well as repay their players after having suspended their license.

The announcement comes after players have been struggling to get money out of any skins owned by Goalgaming Ltd, which includes Ongame skin Goalwin and Revolution skin PokerMambo. Players have been desperate to receive answers towards why their cash outs have been delayed for several months and posted frequently in a 2+2 thread , where there hasn’t been any good updates at any point more or less.

While it is good that LGA finally decided to suspend their license, it is still far too late as the company has been running insolvent for almost 12 months now and have lured plenty of new players in who might never see their money again. This is not the first time that LGA falls behind on poker sites not paying their customers, as there has been cases with PokerInVenice, Everleaf Network and Purple Lounge just within the past couple of years, who owes players several million euro’s. Older cases such as Potraiser, Eurolinx and BetOnBet also haven’t helped the LGA’s public image.

Is it about time that the EU does something about a European regulator being rogue and not doing their job the proper way? We believe so and we also believe that their need to be harder penalties for sites that steals players funds and committing tons of fraud, as they simply get away with it as things works today.

Furthermore Pokerfuse.com could report that the LGA made a massive €50 million in licensing online gaming sites in 2013, which is a huge amount that should go towards repaying the players that were robbed while playing on sites “regulated” by the “authority”.

You can read the full statement from the LGA here or see the message they posted on their website below:

GOALGAMING Limited’s remote gaming licences have been suspended

The Lotteries and Gaming Authority (hereinafter the ‘Authority’) is hereby notifying that GOALGAMING Limited’s remote gaming licences, namely LGA/CL1/160/2002, LGA/CL3/160/2010, have been suspended as of 3rd of June 2014.

GOALGAMING Ltd. has thus been directed to suspend all gaming operations, cease to register new players, not take any further deposits, not offer any games falling under the Authority’s licences, provide registered players access to their accounts, settle all players’ dues and to remove any reference to the Authority, to the licences issued by the Authority and the logo/kite-mark of the Authority from all unapproved websites.

Furthermore the Authority hereby notifies that any websites operated by GOALGAMING Ltd or associated with GOALGAMING Ltd and which make reference to the Authority or the above-quoted licences are not approved to be operational by the Authority. Due to its suspension of licences, GOALGAMING Ltd., is therefore not authorised to continue conducting gaming by means of distance communications under an Authority licence.

Players who deem to have any outstanding payments due to them on the mentioned licences are to send an email to complaints.lga@lga.org.mt and should submit the following information:
1. Name and Surname;

2.Registered Address;

3. Date of Birth;

4. Copy of Passport or ID Card; 

5. Telephone Number;

6. User Name; and

7. Screenshot of Balance or any pending Cash Outs (if not available an estimated balance is to be submitted).


The Authority notifies that no further information shall be released at this stage in order not to compromise any investigations that may need to be performed by the Authority and/or any other competent authority.

We suggest everyone to contact the LGA as soon as possible with their outstanding balances, as well as ensuring that they take screenshots of all transactions made in the past and their current balance. This way if Pokermambo or Goalwin decides to shut off their services, you still have proof of your outstanding balances. 

Daniel Allermand

Daniel Allermand is a freelance writer, with more than 4 years of experience in the industry as an operator, affiliate and poker player. Daniel has decided it was time to try and bring more coverage about the industry to the general public by writing articles about everything from poker to casino.