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Kyle Julius wins his first WSOP bracelet in the $1,000 Top Up Turbo No Limit Hold'em

Kyle Julius wins his first WSOP bracelet in the 1 000 Top Up Turbo No Limit Hold'em

After finishing runner-up in a $5,000 NLH WSOP-tournament in 2012 (for $589,687, losing the heads-up against Peter Vilandos ($952,694)), Kyle Julius managed to score his first bracelet in the $1,000 turbo tournament.



The line-up of the final table was as follows:




Seat 1

Vinny Pahuja

310.000 (10 bb)

Seat 2

Karl Held

1.175.000 (39 bb)

Seat 3

Bart Lybaert

810.000 (27 bb)

Seat 4

Hugo Perez

1.065.000 (35 bb)

Seat 5

Kyle Julius

530.000 (17 bb)

Seat 6

Christian Blech

315.000 (10 bb)

Seat 7

Ben Yu

760.000 (25 bb)

Seat 8

George Dolofan

160.000 (5 bb)

Seat 9

Nitis Udornpim

435.000 (14 bb)


With the stacks being very shallow, the bust-outs flew around, as in the first hand Vinny Pahuja couldn't suck out with his against Karl Held's pocket kings. In hand #5 George Dolofan shoved his mini-stack with and didn't get lucky against Blech's .


Nitis Udornpim was the next to leave the table, as his had no chance against Yu's .

Christian Blech finished in sixth place, his was drawing dead on the turn against Lybaert's .

A couple of hands later, Hugo Perez jams the SB with against Julius' and five community cards later stood up and walked to the cashier. After this, Lybaert's appeared enough to bust Karl Held's .


In three-handed play Julius took the chiplead and busted Ben Yu with against , so he could start the heads-up with a 7:1 chiplead. Right away in the first hand, Julius put Lybaert all-in with and Lybaert called it off with . The flop seemed good for Lybaert, who flopped a king on , unfortunately for him the river brought the and Kyle Julius won his first bracelet.


These were the final results:





Kyle Julius



Bart Lybaert



Ben Yu



Karl Held



Hugo Perez



Christian Blech



Nitis Udornpim



George Dolofan



Vinny Pahuja