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King’s Casino Owner Sued By Matt Kirk Over Unpaid $2 Million Loan

King s Casino Owner Sued By Matt Kirk Over Unpaid 2 Million Loan

Matt Kirk, popularly known as “Aussie Matt”, filed a lawsuit against Leon Tsoukernik, owner King’s Casino in Rozvadov, the Czech Republic, outside of Prague, over an unpaid loan of $2 million.

Allegedly Tsoukernik and Kirk were in a poker face off match at the Aria on May 27, where Tsoukernik running short on money asked about $3 million in four separate loans that he agreed to pay back by the end of the match.

Kirk somehow managed to get $1 million out of Tsoukernik after a week’s persuasion, who didn’t hold true to his words.

Even after a month of the heads-up match at the poker table, Tsoukernik still lags in repaying the $2 million loan.

A simple handshake binds one in a legal contract in most of the states including Nevada. This is sometimes faced with the challenge of lack of evidence if the deal was consummated.

As per Kirk’s claims, he would present evidence in the court, including the text message that supports loan agreement and video surveillance proving him of lending money to Tsoukernik at Aria.