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Kevin Hart's accidental win of $40K awes everyone

Kevin Hart's accidental win of 40K awes everyone

Bets PokerStars Championship took a weird turn last week when  Kevin Hart won $40,000 on a confusing hand and took the pot to King High. Actor and Comedian, Kevin Hart was a featured celebrity guest on PokerStars who got into some beef with Mila Munroe for an online qualifier.

 Mila and Hart were trying to prove their mettle cordially, but Mila's bluffs soon irritated Hart and this was going to be the hand. After continually saying, "I'm sick of your shit," he raised and re-raised her.

To break down the narrative, Hart called with a King-3 of spades and Mila decided to raise with a 6 of spades and 2 of clubs, she did it for bluffing. Hart decided to call after that.

Hart had 10 of hearts, Queen of spades and 5 of clubs which are not considered to be important cards. Monroe betted 400 and Hart called. Both of them then made their moves against each other with Ace of Hearts. Hart settled for a draw and Monroe wagered 700.

Hart called again hoping for a Jack, but ten showed up instead. Monroe then pitted a big bet of 1,200 continuing the big hand. Hart with the best hand raised, giving Monroe a chance to go in completely. Hart decided to call again, and the things took a bizarre turn.

Hart flipped over his cards and declared to have a straight and realized that he had won $40K accidentally.

He then decided to give her 15,000 chips so that she can remain in the game, which is apparently an excellent way of ending one of the craziest hands of poker ever.

Poker legend Daniel Negreanu has called this 'the greatest televised hand in the history of poker.'

Hart said after winning, "After doing it I felt bad that I played a high level of poker, so I said I want you to stay around.  I gave her money - and the reason I gave her money back is so she could understand 'this guy is the real deal. She had no choice because I let her live. I could have killed her off, but I gave her life."Hart laughed and then admitted, "It showed how awful I am at the game. It was a fun moment for me, and she's such a sweetheart the entire day that we played. Losing hard to something like that would have been tough. That's why I gave her money to get back into the game."