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Keith Lehr bags Poker Masters Event #3: $25,000 pot-limit Omaha

Keith Lehr bags Poker Masters Event 3 25 000 pot limit Omaha

The only Omaha tournament of the 2018 Poker Masters gathered 37 entries in Event #3: $25,000 Pot-Limit Omaha at the PokerGo Studio in the outskirts Aria Resort and Casino. Keith Lehr took down the  event for an impressive $333,000 and 300 points which makes him sit at the second spot for claiming Purple Jacket race.

Lehr has proved his mettle in both Omaha cash games and tournaments. He has almost $3 million in live earnings and a WSOP bracelet and also an Omaha.

The Los Angeles native won his first cash of this year's Poker Masters and already sits tied for second on the jacket race.

This event had the deepest final table thus far, all with all at least 50 big blinds and the Day 2 chipleader Jonathan Depa holding over 100 bigs. The deep stacks led to some rather slow play to start the final table, the first elimination coming five levels into the day. The deep stacks led to some rather slow play for start of the final table.

The game of the day 2 was extremely interesting because the size of the stacks were quite deep and even the bottom players were very close in chips.

Until the fifth round of blinds that Day 2, nobody had got eliminated but soon Dan Shak fell at the hands of Depa.

Depa continued his fabulous run and settled for the second place. Lehr was behind Depa's two pair, but when he faded the river he won the event and Depa took home $222,000 pay day whereas Lehr took the big prize.