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Kalidow Sow crowned champion at PokerStars Championship Prague

Kalidow Sow crowned champion at PokerStars Championship Prague

Kalidou Sow has claimed the PokerStars Championship Prague Main Event, taking home €675,000 in winnings. The Frenchman beat the veteran Jason Wheeler in the heads-up battle.

 There was not much to separate Sow and Wheeler as they came to the final day with almost the same stack of chips. The two leaders held the chip lead throughout the day. However, in the end, it was the underdog who prevailed to

 When the final day of the PokerStars Championship Prague Main Event started, it looked like it would be either of Kalidou Sow, Jason Wheeler, or possibly Michal Mrakes to go all the way. The other three players on the table had a little chance with fewer than 2 million chips each.

 As the final day's action began, Wheeler picked up a big pot at the start against Sow. Over the course, the last three crashed out.

 On hand 90, Wheeler knocked Mrakes out to set up the tournament heads-up. At the heads-up, Sow was holding a 14.085 million while Wheeler had 11.63 million in chips.

 Sow looked in complete control the entire heads-up matchup, and build on his lead. On hand 109, Wheeler moved all-in for about 6 million chips total and that move handed Kalidou Sow the title and his first-ever first six-figure cash.

The second placed Jason Wheeler took home €570,000, while Michal Mrakes got €332,000 in winnings. The other finalists – Gabriele Lepore, Harry Lodge and Colin Robinson – won €249,000, €196,000 and €147,000 in cash.

 PokerStars, owned by the Stars Group, is one of the popular online poker card rooms, started in 2001. It is the largest online poker website in the world with a market share of over 75 percent of the total online poker market.

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