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John Hennigan Wins WSOP Event #46 for $1,517,767

John Hennigan Wins WSOP Event 46 for 1 517 767

The World Series of Poker Event #46, $50,000 Poker Players Championship has come to an end after a total of five days of playing different variants of poker, to find the true champion of poker and not just of a single variant. The field was smaller than expected with only 102 players entering the event, but they still created a $4,896,000 prize pool.

All the biggest names of poker participated in the tournament and lots of good poker was played across all variants, giving the rail something to look at at all times. The final day five saw the final table players come back to play, including Macau player Chun Lei Zhou, Brandon Shack-Harris and Allen Kessler, providing a strong final table with lots of action.

Eventually the players began dropping out of the final table at a steady tempo until we were three-handed. Here it took a long time before Jesse Martin was knocked out and heads-up play could begin. The heads-up duel was between John Hennigan and Shack-Harris and the two battled it out for a couple of hours before the final hand of the tournament arrived.

We are playing no-limit Hold'em, blinds are 200,000/400,000 and Shack-Harris is very short-stacked, having only a couple of big blinds left in his stack. Shack-Harris also decided to simply move all-in from the button, quickly getting a call from Hennigan.

Shack-Harris showed: King Hearts7 Spades

Hennigan showed: Ace Spades10 Diamonds

The dealer turns around the board which showed Jack HeartsJack Clubs9 Hearts4 Spades4 Diamonds and with no help for Shack-Harris, he finished in second place for $937,975 and once again hit a final table and hit a big pay day. Hennigan on the other hand took home the golden WSOP bracelet, the first prize of $1,517,767 as well as having his name immortalized on the Chip Reese Memorial Trophy.  You can see the rest of the final table payouts below:

  1. John Hennigan - $1,517,767
  2. Brandon Shack-Harris - $937,975
  3. Jesse Martin - $594,570
  4. Abe Mosseri - $402,696
  5. Chun Lei Zhou - $286,122
  6. Frank Kassela - $212,829
  7. Melissa Burr - $165,435
  8. Allen Kessler - $134,101
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