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Jerry Buss' passing leaves empty seat at the WSOP

Jerry Buss' passing leaves empty seat at the WSOP

The passing of longtime owner of the L.A. Lakers, Dr. Jerry Buss, not only left an emptiness at the basketball association, but he also left an empty seat at the poker table in the WSOP.

Dr. Buss, who was very well known for playing in numerous poker tournaments in Las Vegas, ended up in second place in the World Poker Tour Free Roll Invitational back in 2003. His numerous participations in the poker industry, took Dr. Buss on NBC's Poker After Dark, competing against other celebrities.  

The poker federation, kindly proposed Kobe Bryant to fill up his space, but even though the player considered it at as a nice gesture, he had to refuse as he is still recovering from Achilles surgery.

Here a video response by Kobe Bryant via Youtube: