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Jeff Sessions May Become A Reason To Worry For Poker Players

Jeff Sessions May Become A Reason To Worry For Poker Players

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has become a cause of concern for poker players, as according to a report from Vox, Sessions signed an order last week to encourage police across the nation to more widely use the civil asset forfeiture

Sessions claimed that the plan would come with proper care and professionalism and is aimed not to allow any criminal keep the proceeds of their crime, while for civil asset forfeiture doesn’t require one to be criminally charged, just a mere suspicion can get one’s cash seized.

In 2013 when two poker players from California who were driving through Iowa having $100,000 which was confiscated by the police after they were stopped for allegedly failing to use a turn signal, while the video confirmed otherwise. They were eventually charged with possession of a minuscule amount of marijuana and ended up settling late last year for $150,000, minus attorney fees.

Similarly, in 2013, Hawaii man driving through Nevada had his constitutional right violated when he lost $167,000 to police for being pulled over for driving too slow.

Sessions is one of the few people who advocates civil asset forfeiture and thinks banning of internet gaming and violating states’ right is a good idea.