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Jared Jaffee Wins WSOP Event #58 for $405,428

Jared Jaffee Wins WSOP Event 58 for 405 428

The World Series of Poker Event #58, $1,500 Mixed-Max No-Limit Hold'em, has come to an end after three days of play and we have found a winner out of the 1,475 players participating. The players created a total prize pool of $1,991,250 to battle it out for and the rail got plenty of action filled hands to see.

The Mixed-Max events are special, as the players do not play just one format of poker in the tournament, but instead they go from 9-max to 6-max to 4-max and then eventually to heads-up play. The first day of action was 9-handed play, while day two started as 6-handed, but began being 4-handed with 24 players left. When there was eight players left, four heads up tables were started and eventually we had the heads up duel between Mike Watson and Jared Jaffee.

It took 99 hands to find the winner and the last hand was won on a suck out. Watson limped from the button and Jaffee raised to 180,000. Watson thought for a moment and decided to push all-in for around 1.6 million chips, while Jaffee didn't look like he wanted to call, but eventually did.

Watson showed: Jack HeartsJack Diamonds

Jaffee showed: Ace Clubs6 Clubs

The dealer turns around the flop 10 Clubs8 Hearts5 Hearts, which was not that scary for Watson and Jaffee begins to call for an Ace. Dealer deals the turn card which was a 7 Clubs and now Jaffee has outs to a straight, a flush as well as the overcard. River was a 4 Hearts and Jaffee hits the straight after having only a few outs all the way through.

Watson was eliminated in second place, receiving $246,068 for his efforts. Jaffee received $405,428 for his first place as well as his very first WSOP bracelet, despite having cashed multiple times before. 

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