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IveyPoker Play Suspended

IveyPoker Play Suspended

It looks like Ivey Poker’s expanding their operation, but not before suspending play on their poker site starting this past Saturday the 25th. This information reached us through Ivey’s personal Twitter account which has been very active since the launch of IveyPoker.

IveyPoker content is still available on the website going forward, as free videos, Bachelors for $9 and the Masters for $75 per month are still available. The IveyLeague poker content is very well reviewed as top pros like Mike Leah, Patrik Antonius and Phil Ivey himself have lots of published content on there.

“Working on multiple product extensions and new categories for Ivey Poker expansion in 2015. Since we launched our game here at Ivey Poker we've learned quite a few things...first and foremost is that a dedicated and loyal community is essential. So to our loyal players, we felt we needed to communicate to you about some changes you'll be seeing over the coming months,” Ivey’s tweets stated.

An expansion of the Ivey Poker brand has been announced for 2015, but it remains questionable why they would want to pull their current site offline. During the summer many updates were posted on Facebook, Twitter and other players about IveyPoker and the IveyLeague, but as of late it has been fairly quiet.

IveyPoker and the IveyLeague are still very far away from strong competitors in the online poker segment, but announced improvements will for sure excite us. It is however strange that Twitter and Facebook have been quiet in the post-WSOP months.