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Ivey League to Launch at the End of January

Ivey League to Launch at the End of January

Phil Ivey, one of the world' best and most popular poker players, has been working on an online poker training site which is set to launch at the end of January. The site#s purpose is to teach players how to optimize their game and gain an advantage over other players by accessing unique content like video instructions from Ivey and other professional poker players like Patrik Antonius, Dan Shak, James Dempsey and Jen Harmon.

One of Ivey's branding  strategies is to partner up with ShoBox on Showtime. ShoBox is a next generation boxing program which is broadcast on Friday evenings. The first such event took place at the Cook Convention Center in Memphis featuring a lot of advertising by the Ivey League.

Clete McQuinn, CEO of Ivey Poker, said "Phil is a big fan of boxing, but more importantly he is a fan of hard work, commitment, and dedication. That’s exactly what is needed when you step in the ring. Boxing, and particularly "ShoBox: The New Generation", has a following that is similar to the growing worldwide poker population; especially those who want to learn to play poker from the best poker players in the world".

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