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Isildur1 Mashes for 1 Million, WCGRider Sops Up Sauce 1234 in Their HU NLH Contest and Hanson Dusts Off Even More.

Isildur1 Mashes for 1 Million WCGRider Sops Up Sauce 1234 in Their HU NLH Contest and Hanson Dusts Off Even More.

There was a lot of competition to get into the “Elite Eight” this week, but they were all playing for 2nd place as Viktor Blom went on an epic tear this week racking up well over $1,000,000 in winnings at the high stakes tables.  But, being Blom, he still LOST enough over his tumultuous run to put Ike Haxton, Alex Millar, Douglas Polk and others in the top 8 as well.  Let’s take a look at who ended up on top, and who is (still) scraping the bottom this week.

#1 – Viktor “Isildur1” Blom – The Swinging Swede had a tremendous week marked with incredible endurance sessions all through this week’s tracked play.  While he had his setbacks with tough opponents this week, he still earned more than players ranked 2 through 4 together on this weeks chart while playing more hands than the next 5 combined.  (It’s a bit tell, but the next two players on the list made their winnings to make the list primarily from playing Blom.)  More on his marathon of pwnage below.

#2 – Alex “IReadYrSoul” Millar – the high-flying young Brit continued his fall rebound after a troubling start to 2013.  The $477,900 score was enough to launch him to 41st on the all time online poker earnings list at over $1.6 million dollars.  Millar did scrap a bit with Isuldur1 as part of this weeks work, but it was a short work week as he only put in 5 sessions and 167 hands to rake in nearly a half million, mostly from the Swede.

#3 – Isaac “luvtheWNBA” Haxton – Ike has had some swings this year.  Falling below a million lost lifetime earlier in the year, he’s bounced back nicely recently, pushing his lifetime, tracked, high stakes online poker earnings back into the black, primarily thanks to this massive $377,298 win over 36 sessions /1441 hands.  And also thanks to Isildur1 having a pretty good downswing against him during an otherwise epic week.

#4 – Denoking – Denoking’s spot on this week’s Elite Eight came thanks to the fact that he scored $220,030 over 20 sessions and a hair over 5600 hands.  A consummate high stakes grinder, “Denoking” faced some of the best this week in “bbvisbadforme”, “Isildur1” and “IReadYrSoul.”  He was both a contributor to Blom’s big week and a beneficiary of the action generated at his tables.  

#5 – Douglas “WCGRider” Polk – the Online Heads Up Specialist finished his session against Sauce1234 and capped that earn with a bit more from the high stakes tables, including – you guessed it – Viktor Blom.  Not one to play live, never covered on TV, and avoiding a lot of press contact, the Young American has built up a very loyal following on 2+2 and is starting to generate interest in the High Stakes Heads Up world.  I see a Durrrr Challenge or Isildur1 grudge match in his future. His $199,554 earned over 5395 hands this week is a great way to buffer the bankroll for that.

#6 – Ben “Ben86” Tollerene – 18th on the all time list of high stakes online poker earners, Tollerene maintained dominance on the PLO tables this week and in a mere 20 sessions (2257 hands) he banked $186,280.  Most of this was from over $200k taken from Swedish pro “wilhasha.”  With his earnings back on an upward trend, it’s possible we’ll see “Ben86” start marching up the ranks of all-time earners soon.

#7 – OtB_RedBaron – The real Red Baron would hide in the clouds or fly in with the sun streaming behind him to confuse opponents and win dogfights.  OtB_RedBaron hides historical data from tracking sites and pops up out of nowhere occasionally on our Elite Eight list after sacking opponents on PokerStars.  “OtB” put in the work too, logging 72 sessions, 4547 hands and an $181,870 profit.

#8 – RealMonies – After getting a digital nose knocked in the dirt early in life as a high stakes player (dropping $200,000 at the $25/50 and above level), RealMonies climbed out of the basement, (and into profit) in 2013 and is up to the tune of $253,576 thanks to a $137,243 profit logged over 3195 hands in 72 sessions this week.

Honorable Mentions – (For getting off the Losers Lists and profiting along with Isildur1 this week.) – Patrik “FinddaGrind” Antonious (4 sessions, 1029 hands, $131,251) and RookieNFL ($105,546, 2716 hands in 15 sessions.)

Biggest Losers List:

#1 – Gus Hansen – It only took just 1547 hands in 14 sessions to dust off another $520,828 this week, cementing him into the #1 spot on the Biggest Loser List this week…and pretty much all of this year.   He was the progenitor of Isildur1’s epic week.  Lifetime, the damage has passed the $11 million mark.

#2 – bbvisbadforme – ‘bbv’ has not been dodging the highest stakes games or players, and this week it cost the rambling gambler its previous recovery run into the positive, earned over the last few months.  The $417,882 loss (mainly at the hands of Denoking and Isildur1) dropped the grinder to -$44,027 lifetime.  All of it occurred in 7 nightmare sessions and less than 1000 hands.

#3 – Sanlker – The German high stakes player boomed back into profitability this fall, but this week’s loosing spree really hurt that surge into the black (though not enough to plummet back into negative territory.)  Want to share in the Schadenfreude?  -$339,783 over 5929 hands and 55 sessions mainly to Denoking in a $200/400 NLHE Heads Up match.

Blom-ing Booming! …and Busting.

Viktor Blom started off this week’s journey to the top of the Elite Eight with a $125.5 loss to KPR16, continuing a mini-slump from last week.  That quickly turned around on the weekend taking back $68k from “KPR16”, $114k from “cottonseed1” and another $101.5k from a group of players at the FLO8 and PLO tables.  Over at the PLO tables, Isuldur1 took home $112k total against a familiar high stakes cast including “Cassagrande” who dropped $255k in those games.  Looked like a great day, way up, until he ran into Ike “luvtheWNBA” Haxon early in the morning playing $500/$1000 CAP NLH and lost a chunk back.  In the end, it was a $222k Saturday.  

Back to work on Monday, Isuldur1 really made his nut for the week when he hit the 2-7 Triple Draw tables at $2k/$4k and walked off up $777k.  While the profit came from several big losses by players like “ragen70” and “samrostan”, the biggest contributor was Gus Hansen, who left down $380k.  Tuesday was a working day as well as Viktor put in over 4,000 hands and, other than a stumble in a really interesting heads up match when he took on Doug “WCGRider” Polk, almost finished the day up $1.3 million. 

Then, as we’ve come to know and love with Viktor Blom, he stayed a little too late and made sure Alex “IReadYrSoul” Millar clocked his Elite Eight making profit when he dropped $500k in the first 10 minuets of that match, then jumped back into NLH HU action with WCGRider again dusting off $288.7k.  Well, that extra profit was all gone, but Blom was still up $2 million for the month and $1.3 million for the week.

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