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Isabelle Mercier Joins Tonybet Poker Team

Isabelle Mercier Joins Tonybet Poker Team

Isabelle Mercier, one of the most well-known female poker pros, has been known to enjoy a game of Openface Chinese Poker. Now she will actively promote a site that offers just that as she has joined the Tonybet Poker Team and will be their ambassador for an undisclosed period of time.

Mercier will not only have to travel around the world and try to get players to Tonybet Poker, she will also be hosting weekly tournaments in their online poker platform where players can come and play against her.

“Just as Giorgio Moroder knew that the synthesizer would be the sound of the future, I am more than convinced that OFC “is” the game of the future, and Tonybet Poker site is totally innovating by offering this form of poker in Cash Games and Tournaments,” Isabelle said in an interview after joining the Tonybet Team. 

“That’s why I am really proud to join the Tonybet Poker team and to be part of this adventure. Now, all I need to do is to spread my passion with the world, so people can fall in love with this game as much as I did!” She added.

Mercier has chosen the nickname “No Mercy” in the platform, which Mike Sexton actually gave her after she won the 2004 WPT Ladies Night event. She is well known in the poker community, especially for her work as the poker room manager at the Aviation Club de France and a few poker sites in the past.

“My history with OFC goes a long way back, way before you could actually play it online. But it’s the new Pineapple Fantasyland variation that brought me back to OFC, therefore I naturally landed on Tonybet Poker. This new form of Open Face is so exciting and refreshing, this is what the poker world needed.” Mercier finalized.