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Indian High Court rules poker as game of skill

Indian High Court rules poker as game of skill

Police have been harassing and abusing poker players, according to the Indian Poker Association. The accusations follow closely to raids carried out by police on poker clubs in the state of Bangalore.

The latest high profile raid was on July 27th, when the Royal Flush Sports and Cultural Association in Chamrajpet was stormed into by police officers and at least 30 poker players were charged with criminal ctivities under the Karnataka Police Act.

Then two days later, the Hi-5 Club in Indiranagar was also raided by police. Hi-5 is a registered member of the Indian Poker Association. Poker players and staff at Hi-5 also were charged with participatin in criminal activities.

But the Indian High Court set a precedent this month when it decided to rule in favour of poker players and confirming that poker is in fact a game of skill and not a game of chance. “In respect of the game of poker, if played as a game of skill, licence is not contemplated. The petitioner was entitled to conduct such games, provided, the same is in accordance with law,” it was ruled.