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“Illegal” Senior Citizen’s Poker Game Shut Down

Illegal Senior Citizen s Poker Game Shut Down

This is not the first time either. It seems as though senior centers are violating gambling regulations in some provinces and states in North America.

This latest incident occurred near Vancouver, BC.  A poker school in a senior center was shut down because it violated the province’s gambling regulations by using 10 cent chips.

This poker playing group of about 40 seniors played regularly for a decade when the management announced they had to put a stop to this “illegal” activity.

In Washington State, in 2014, a penny-ante school was forced to close due to a city ordinance and a $20 poker game was similarly closed in Idaho in 2010.  Lawmakers in this state eventually realized the absurdity of the situation and had to pass a new law allowing the game to continue.

Even Vice President Mike Pence stated during the time that “common sense” clearly was not being used.