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Igor Dubinskyy Wins WSOP Event #62, The $1,111 Little One for One Drop

Igor Dubinskyy Wins WSOP Event 62 The 1 111 Little One for One Drop

We are nearing the end of this year's World Series of Poker, as the only non-finished event left is the prestigious main-event, also known as the world championship. Today event #62, the $1,111 Little One for One Drop ended, which is the micro version of the $1,000,000 for One Drop tournament which saw Daniel Colman as its winner.

Event #62 lasted for four long days as there were a huge attendance for the tournament, with 4,496 players paying the $1,111 buy-in to compete. The prize pool also got huge as it reached a level of $4,046,400, creating life changing prizes for the selected few who would go all the way to the top three.

 With so many players participating, the WSOP organizers had to create two different starting days to be able to accommodate all players. This turned out to be a great idea and the fields were of a great size on all days, with plenty of action and great hands. Day three ended when the last nine players were found, so day four could start with the final table.

On the final table we saw a lot of action and great hands being played, over the course of the 162 hands all the players managed to play in total. The final hand of the tournament was in the heads-up duel between Igor Dubinskyy and Theodore Driscoll, who had been battling it out for a while.

Driscoll limps from the button and Dubinskyy checks. Flop comes 4 Hearts3 Clubs3 Hearts and both players choose to check. Turn shows a King Diamonds and this time Dubinskyy chooses to bet 500,000 into the pot, with Driscoll calling. River shows a 7 Clubs and this time Dubinskyy checks and Driscoll bets 1,000,000 into the pot. Dubinskyy tanks for a moment and check-raises Driscoll to 2,4000,000, but Driscoll answers back by pushing all his chips to the middle for around 1,000,000 more.

Dubinskyy asked for a count and when he discovered it was only a million more he decided to call.

Driscoll shows: 3 DiamondsJack Spades

Dubinskyy shows: 5 Hearts6 Hearts

Driscoll had trips 3's and believed that was enough to beat Dubinskyy, but he rivered a straight to knock Driscoll out of the tournament in second place for $394,281. Dubinskyy on the other hand took home the first prize of a massive $637,539 as well as his very first WSOP bracelet

Final Table Payouts:

  1. Igor Dubinskyy - $637,539
  2. Theodore Driscoll - $394,281
  3. Brandon Eisen - $293,895
  4. Shai Zurr - $209,805
  5. Eric Baldwin - $156,352
  6. Jackduyph Duong - $117,507
  7. Matthew Lapossie - $89,020
  8. Vimy Ha - $68,019
  9. Bao Nguyen - $52,400
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