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GVC Offers Bwin.Party £900 Million In Acquisition Offer

GVC Offers Bwin.Party 900 Million In Acquisition Offer

Bwin.Party used to be two of the biggest companies in the world in the 00’s, with Party Poker being extremely popular due to their early sponsorships of the World Poker Tour, while Bwin was popular due to major sponsorship agreements with teams such as Real Madrid.

This changed significantly in recent years and despite a merger between the two giants, the company is still not doing very well and has seen its cash-flow vanish and the overall liquidity do the same.

There are still companies out there who believes that the company can once again make money and grow back to the size it was previously, as online iGaming investment company GVC has made an acquisition proposal that even the shareholders will like.

GVC’s offer is to purchase Bwin.Party for around £900 million, which equals 110 pence to the share, or an 11% premium on every single stock in the company. Bwin says that they are considering the offer and will be working alongside GVC to try and finalize a deal within a short period of time.

Should GVC be succesful in their acquisition, then there might be hope for the Party Poker network, which has declined in traffic for several years now, while cutting player rewards and launching a software which neither regulars or recreational players are very fond of.