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Greg Raymer's 2014 Poker Campaign Funding

Greg Raymer's 2014 Poker Campaign Funding

Greg 'Fossilman' Raymer, the 2004 WSOP winner, announced he is looking to raise $100,000 from investors within the poker industry to help fund for his expenses during his 2014 poker campaign.

Raymer has offered to sell shares of his action at $1000 per share and has secured at least 20% of the total for himself. For thos e who invest in the remainig 80% of his action, investors will receive 60% of all profits earned above the $100,000 mark once 2014 is over. The remaining 40% of all profits will remain in Raymer's posession.

Greg Raymer has also stated that there will be no deductions made from the bankroll for secondary expenses and that investors will have a chance to "participate in tournaments and cash games played around the country at no extra expense above the buy-in".

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