German family party: Rainer Kempe beats Fedor Holz heads-up and wins the $300.000 Super High Roller Bowl

49 high rollers from all over the world paid $300.000 to enter the Super High Roller Bowl in the Aria Casino in Las Vegas. Last night seven of them returned, all competing for the $5 million first price. The Germans were unbeatable, and Rainer Kempe drew the longest straw beating Holz heads-up to take home the cash and the title.



The line-up for Day 4 was as follows:





Phil Hellmuth



Matt Berkey



Rainer Kempe



Bryn Kenney



Fedor Holz



Erik Seidel



Dan Shak


Rainer Kempe held a monstrous chiplead, holding more than 1/3 of all the chips with seven players still in.



The first player to leave was Dan Shak ($600,000). He doubled Hellmuth with TT against his pair of kings, and was crippled after. His KdJs couldn’t improve against Holz’ As9d.


After this it was Bryn Kenney leaving the table, first doubling Berkey on a 7s9cTc flop where Kenney snap-called Berkey’s shove with AhTh. His hand was good for now against Berkey’s 5c4c, but the turn brought the 6c to leave Kenney drawing dead. Kenney shoved his last 21 big blinds from the button into Holz’ jacks, and five community cards later he could collect his $800,000.


Ten minutes later, Berkey limped the button for 60,000, and Kempe made it 205,000 on his left. Berkey came over the top with an all-in shove for 1.3 million, and Kempe called. The players were off to the races, Kempe holding the pocket 7’s against Berkey’s As9s. Kempe flopped a set right away, and Berkey was eliminated in 5th place for $1,100,000.


It was quiet for a while after Berkey’s elimination. 2,5 hours of trading chips later Hellmuth completed the small blind for 80,000 total, Kempe put him all-in for 750,000 and Hellmuth snap-called with QdJs, only to find out that Kempe had him dominated with KdJh. Hellmuth didn’t suck out and collected $1,600,000 for 4th place.


Another hour of three-handed play later, Seidel jammed his last 12 blinds from the small blind with Ac7d and Kempe looked him up with AhTd. The board ran out 9h9s3cAd6d, so Erik Seidel was eliminated in third place for $2,400,000 while the Germans made it to heads-up play.


Rainer Kempe started the heads-up play with a slight chiplead, and in the 3,5 hour long battle both players held the chiplead every now and then. In the final hand, with blinds 80,000-160,000-20,000, Holz raised to 400,000 on the button and saw Kempe reraising to 1.2 million. Holz decided to go with his pair of 2’s and 4bet-shoved for 4.38 million, Kempe made the easy call with pocket 8’s.

A board of 5hTh9s4c3d later and Rainer Kempe earned himself the trophy along with $5 million.

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