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GamingIndia to host First-Ever National Poker Series in April

GamingIndia to host First Ever National Poker Series in April

India for the time will be hosting the National Poker Series from 29th April 2020 to 5th May 2020. In order to provide experience to Indian players, the National Poker Series will aim at bringing international poker fanatics under one roof and it is expected to play a huge role in promoting the game of poker in the country.

Legal status of Poker in India

Poker is said to be among world’ most popular card games, still in a huge country like India, it has not been able to get that impact which it deserve. The country has already strictly prohibited betting and gambling, however, in many parts poker is also facing similar status. There is still puzzled opinion about the legality of poker in India. In one case of Calcutta High Court in October 2019, it has emphasized its previous stance that poker is the game of ‘skill’ and not ‘chance’.

The decision made at the High Court on August 28, 2019, in the case of Indian Poker Association & Anr. Vs. The State of West Bengal & Ors proved to be a great relief for the Indian poker fans.

The honorable Justice Sabyasachi Bhattacharyya had stated that, “Without there being a specific complaint with regard to petitioners resorting to gambling or other illegal activities in the name of poker, there cannot be any occasion for the police to interfere with such games.”

India is all set for its first National Poker Series

Despite facing several allegations, and having a bad reputation in the country, many Indian poker fanatics have proved their worth in the International tournaments. Last year, Abhinav Iyer won the World Series of Poker (WSOP 2019) and became the first solo Indian winner in the event while Aditya Sushant, who belongs to Chennai became the first player to bag a WSOP bracelet.

So, this time when India is hosting such a global India, it promises to attract a large number of players all around the world, with Indian players getting a world class experience in their own country.

The tournament will surely promote the game of poker in the country and it is just a matter of time when this game will be regarded as one of the best.