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Full Tilt Launches In Danish Regulated Market

Full Tilt Launches In Danish Regulated Market

On January 1st 2012, new laws and regulations regarding gambling were launched in Denmark, which meant that sites without a Danish license would no longer be able to operate in the Danish market.

The Danish gambling market is a very lucrative one, with the average income per household being one of the highest in the world. This meant that all the biggest bookmakers, casino sites and poker sites bought a license and most has since then kept their license and offered games to the Danish people.

For the Danish poker players however, it was sort of bitter-sweet with the new license, as one of their favourite places to play poker were no longer available. Full Tilt has been missed by the Danish poker players, who has been active on forums and Facebook in order to try and convince the Rational Group, who took over Full Tilt, to buy a license for the Danish market as they did with Pokerstars.

Today, those players had their wish fulfilled. Almost out of the blue, Full Tilt launched in the Danish market with the domain, allowing Danish players to reactivate their old accounts or create new ones and play on the site that they have been missing.

While the traffic is not as it used to be, the software is still the same and there is a lot more safety nowadays after the Rational Group took over. Overall it has been a good day for the Danish poker players, who will probably transfer some part of their bankrolls from Pokerstars to Full Tilt to start playing.