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Full Tilt Creates Application For Steam

Full Tilt Creates Application For Steam

Full Tilt used to be Pokerstars closest competitor and be the second biggest poker site in the world.  This is no longer the case, as the site lost a big chunk of its player pool after closing its doors post-black friday due to financial issues.

The site was then reopened as the Rational Group, who also owns Pokerstars, purchased the site and paid out the players money. The company had probably hoped for a larger part of the traffic coming back to the site, but that has not been the case and the site currently ranks in 9th place in traffic in Pokerscout.

But now Full Tilt has taken a bold step towards new markets, as they have created a free application for the popular online computer game shop and community, Steam. Steam is by far the biggest online community for gaming and has more than 100 million users, with an average of 10 million online at all times.

A very large percentage of these users are under 18 or from regulated markets, which will not be of any use to Full Tilt. But it is still expected that more than 50 million users are in the right demographics and could be potential new clients.

But things are all great as of yet, as it has not been decided if Full Tilt’s app will be approved into the steam platform. The users of the platform has to vote to approve the game into the platform and even though it looks positive thus far, nothing is certain.

The free-to-play application from Full Tilt will feature in-game purchases, which we believe will be buying more playmoney to play with. In that way it is very similar to the Facebook poker games that are running from Zynga and others and the reach is also similar. Let’s just hope that they are able to convert the players to real-money better than the Facebook games have done.