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France will not pool online poker sources with other countries

France will not pool online poker sources with other countries

France's main gaming regulator, ARJEL, has proposed for a pooling of online poker resources, especially the player base, with other European countries in order to increase liquidity, but the government has rejected the proposal.

ARJEL proposed the pooling of resources after player numbers and gross revenues kept decreasing foe all licensed online poker and gambling operators in the country. The proposal was shot down by the government which has a vast number of figures who are stenchly anti-online-gambling.

One of these persons is Razzy Hammadi, an influential member of the government's Committee for Economic Affairs. Hammadi has long been against online gaming in France and he has used the Committee hearing to voice his opposition towards online gambling and pooling of resources.

According to Hammadi, "There are two ways to understand the tightening of the market. We could simply realize that despite significant investments in advertising and development, poker has now gone a little out of fashion, or we could at the same time consider that the need of an everyday greater liquidity is part of online poker’s economic structure. As a rapporteur, I am against that as it brings to my mind the idea of online poker becoming an uncontrollable ogre eating one market after the other".