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For A £2 Pay, 62-Year-Old Birmingham Lady Ends Up In $8.1 M WSOP Game

For A 2 Pay 62 Year Old Birmingham Lady Ends Up In 8.1 M WSOP Game

To the biggest win of £23.50, 62-year-old, crochet-loving Birmingham gran Shirley Marshall, who is married to angling-addicted pensioner Ken, luck turned tables as she found herself sitting at the table for the World Series of Poker tournament. She found herself betting against the best Hold’Em poker player in the world with $8.1 million first prize up for grabs.

For a game for which the gambler paid $10,000 each to take part in, the former Birmingham City Council finance officer, Shirley paid £2. Shirley paid £2 to play an on line poker game with On winning the game, she got a chance to spin the prize wheel which stopped at the $12,500 poker package to Vegas. The package included all paid trip to Vegas with her place in the World Series of Poker main event.

Shirley started the game with 50,000 chips and aimed to be not the first one to be out, which she wasn’t. In fact, she survived longer than last year’s winner, American Qui Nguyen. Shirley never expected to be there after 12 hours of play and was thrilled to make it through Day two. She felt it was a great achievement and enjoyed the environment of the poker tournament.