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Final Table Sets For WSOP 2017 With Final 9 Players Returning After Two-Day Break

Final Table Sets For WSOP 2017 With Final 9 Players Returning After Two Day Break

The table for the main event was set for the final nine players who returned after a two-day break. Unlike the tradition of waiting for months for the WSOP main event to crown a winner, instead this year the tournament officials decided to cut the wait short in favour of a summer resolution.

In the very first hand the Englishman, John Hesp made his first career WSOP cash by showing a bluff he pulled off against Antoine Saout. Soon, Ben Lamb made his final move with A 9, and clashed with Jack Sinclair’s A Q. Lamb finished in ninth-place winning $1,000,000.

The clash between the two biggest stacks at the table started with Scott Blumstein and Hesp. With the flop came down A  7 5 and both players checked. Hesp checked again at 10.The bet was raised to 3 million by Blumstein, with Hesp raising it to 7 million and Blumstein re-raising to 17 million. Hesp responded with an all-in.

Blumstein produced the largest pot of the tournament by calling immediately. Blumstein ended with 43% of the total chip in play. Hesp was left in the middle of the pack.

Sinclair made his final move with K J, and clashed with Bryan Piccioli, and he finished in eighth place, earning $1,200,000. With the seven players remaining, the table will be set again to resume the match at 5:30 P.M. on Friday.