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Farid Jattin wins Potomac Poker Open Main Event, scoops $247,950

Farid Jattin wins Potomac Poker Open Main Event scoops 247 950

A renowned poker player, Farid Jattin, has scooped a grand prize of $247,950 winning the Potomac Poker Open Main Event. The $3,300 buyin event which attracts the 348 entries to MGM National Habour reached the final conclusion after the eight hours of a tough fight on the last day.

The tournament began with the 13 players. On the final day, it took 2 hours for the first elimination to happen when Rich Weinhold was out in 13th place. A few more also out including Yaser Al-keliddar who slew in 10th.

Before the dinner break, the elimination was steady, but Jattin was leading the chip into the final table and stayed on the top.

Jattin stated in an interview that "I just laid back. Sometimes you hit a bad run of cards, a bad run of situations so I said, ok I'll let him enjoy his run, and once I won a couple of pots it was pretty much over from there, and once it got three-handed I pretty much ran it over."

Final Table Results

·       Farid Jattin: $247,950

·       Rajasekar Govindan: $148,248

·       Jimmy Chen: $107,532

·       Dustin Semonavick: $78,300

·       Jordan Fisch: $60,030

·       Phil Vera: $46,458

·       Ian O'Hara: $35,496

·       Al Mottur: $28,188

·       Damon Sita: $20,880