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European Court of Justice Favours Italian Player in Tax Case

European Court of Justice Favours Italian Player in Tax Case

The European Court of Justice has ruled in favour of Italian online player Cristiano Blanco in a case regarding taxes on winnings from sites regulated within the EU, but not regulated within the ringfenced .it market.


The Italian government contacted Blanco because he had played and won money on a EU regulated gaming site, located out of Italy, asking him to pay tax off his winnings. Blanco did not feel this was fair, as the site was regulated within EU and couldn't understand why he would have to pay double tax of his winnings.


He contacted his lawyers who took the case to the European Court of Justice, who ruled in favour of Blanco, as double taxation is contrary to the EU principles of the EU treaty and particularly Article 56, which is the article that is against double taxation. This is discrimination according to the lawyers of Blanco and they wanted to make a case out of this, as the Italian Inland Revenue department has been double taxing Italians for years.


The decision from the European Court of Justice should make it easier for Italians who plays outside the regulated .it and avoid them having to pay double taxes off their winnings in the future. It is well known that most Italians are playing on Italian-faced .com sites, which is completely legal but has caused lots of problems in the past for them.

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