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Equity Poker Network Closes Four Accounts Due to Chipdumping

Equity Poker Network Closes Four Accounts Due to Chipdumping

Chipdumping has always been a major problem in the online poker world, as players would dump their chips to a friend of theirs to launder money, save taxes or simply to try and get them cashed out faster. Chipdumping is considered fraud by all the major sites and licensees and they are working hard on stopping it.


The Equity Poker Network (EPN) is no different and quickly took action when they suspected that something was wrong in the case of four players. It all started when EPN partner 5Dimes contacted EPN and told them that one of their players had been credited wrongly with a very large amount of money on September 17th. The contact was made on September 22nd.


After receiving the information from 5Dimes, the security team of EPN began investigating the player and follow his game play, which lead to another three new Full Flush Poker accounts, which had been created on September 18th, the day after the initial player had received the large amount of money in his account wrongly.


Investigations showed that the four players were playing together and that the first account was chipdumping to the three new Full Flush Poker accounts in order to try and cash out thousands of dollars. The three Full Flush accounts were set up solely to chipdump and cash out the money which the first account had been credited by a mistake.


The Equity Poker Network quickly moved from here and closed down all accounts and managed to regain the funds which were not the players and send it back to the 5Dimes Group.


“The welfare of our players remains our number one priority, and we will not tolerate cheating or any other form of fraud occurring on EPN. We take all necessary precautions to safeguard our Network, and to protect our players and the integrity of their bankrolls. Our Fraud Team has worked diligently to identify this irregularity, and to deal with the perpetrators quickly and permanently,” said an EPN Spokesperson.

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