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Elton Tsang is the winner of the One Drop Extravaganza

Elton Tsang is the winner of the One Drop Extravaganza

Elton Tsang has done it. He won the biggest buy in event ever for a smashing €11,111,111.


On Sunday the last remaining 8 players came back to fight for a spot in the top 6 and therefore in the money.

Andrew Pantling started the final table as the chipleader ahead of Rick Salomon and Elton Tsang and they were playing for a total price pool of €24,888,892.


It took only 7 hands until we lost our first player, Haralobus Voulgaris (CAN), in 8th place. He pushed all in for his remaining 11 big blinds with King Hearts3 Hearts und lost against the Ace ClubsQueen Spades of Anatoly Gurtovoy (RUS).


As fast as the first elimination happened, it would take almost 70 more hands until the bubble boy was found. In a battle of the blinds the money went in preflop with Brandon Steven (USA) holding KingQueen but being behind against Cary Catz's (USA) AceKing. The board blanked out and Brandon had to go home with no cash while the others had a guaranteed €1,500,000.


Just two hands later Andrew Pantling (CAN) got knocked out in 6th place after having a rather bad day.


Next to go was Cary Catz (USA), he got his short stack in good holding AceJack versus Elton Tsang's KingJack , a King on the board knocked him out though in 5th for a price money of €1,750,000.


Fourth place was the Englishman James Bord. On an AceJack5 board he got his remaining stack in with Ace Spades10 Spades but ended up losing to Anatoly Gurtovoy's AceKing. He got €2,100,000 for his efforts.


The last 3 remaining players had a long battle and it took another 100 hands until the American Rick Solomon was sent to the rail when his QueenJack lost to Anatoly Gurtovoy's AceQueen. His third place paid him a cool €3,000,000.


Elton Tsang from Hong Kong went into headsup play with a 2 to 1 advantage and was able to build up his stack until the final hand happened. On a Queen Clubs3 Clubs4 Clubs2 Hearts board all the chips went in with Elton Tsang holding 5 Hearts6 Clubs and the nut straight against the Russian's lower straight with Ace Hearts5 Diamonds. The river brought no 6 for a chopped pot and the winner was found.


The Russian Anatoly Gurtovoy won €5,427,781 for his efforts while Elton Tsang got €11,111,111 for winning it all.


Here's the official results:






Price money


Elton Tsang


€ 11.111.111


Anatoly Gurtovoy


€ 5.427.781


Rick Salomon


€ 3.000.000


James Bord


€ 2.100.000


Cary Katz


€ 1.750.000


Andrew Pantling


€ 1.500.000

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