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DOJ Approves $82M Release of FTP Player Funds

DOJ Approves 82M Release of FTP Player Funds

The United States of America Department of Justice has completed the audit of Full Tilt Poker and has authorized the release of up to $82 million in player funds allowing tens of thousands of former FTP players to get their frozen funds back.

At least, that is what the Poker Player's Alliance has posted in its official twitter account as seen below. The Garden City Group, the organization in charge of the auditing process has yet to release an official statement, but is expected to do so before the end of the week.

The PPA's twitter post read:

PPA twitter post

According to a statement from John Pappas, "This is great news for players with undisputed funds. Tens of millions of dollars will be returned to these players within weeks and it has been a long time coming. There are still many players who’s FTP claims have not been resolved and we will continue to seek swift resolution on their behalf".