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Delaware's Igaming Revenues Going Up - Poker Revenues Dropping

Delaware's Igaming Revenues Going Up Poker Revenues Dropping

Delaware became the first state in the US to legalize and offer a complete package of online gambling services, when they opened up for online gambling in November of 2013. The small state projected that it would reach $5 million in revenues after one year of operations, but with the numbers they continue to release that seems very distant.

The revenue numbers for February did show a 13% increase in revenues compared to January, but the numbers are still so low that it doesn't mean a whole lot yet. The overall revenue in February was $166,454 compared to $145,276 in January, but it was not due to poker the increase happened as poker revenues fell from $88,390 in January to $73,971 in February.

Delaware is well aware that the state is not performing very well in online gaming yet, but believes that with time they will succeed with their plan. One of the steps taken towards creating more revenue in poker is the agreement that Delaware made with Nevada, sharing liquidity between the two states to attract more players.

Furthermore the sites in Delaware has had the usual starting problems and has yet to devote funds towards bigger marketing campaigns that could attract players. Frank Fantini from Fantini Research told the press: “It might be two, three years from now, we might say this a nice little business in Delaware. But right now, it’s pretty slow.”

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