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Delaware Poker Revenue Hits $27,000 in January

Delaware Poker Revenue Hits 27 000 in January

Regulated poker in the US has not really been a success anywhere so far, with New Jersey being the only place where it has actually been possible to create a decently sized site and create a profit on the rake collected from the players.

The worst case has to be Delaware as their revenue numbers has not been able to climb to a level where it would be possible for any site to sustain itself over a longer period of time. Now the revenue numbers for January has come in and it doesn't look very positive to say the least.

The total rake collected in January this year was a mere $27,698.45 - down from $88,588.29 in January of 2014. This drop shows how much the interest for poker has dropped in Delaware due to the prolonged negotiations of establishing the inter-state poker network with Nevada.

Hopefully the inter-state liquidity sharing will start soon, as the Nevada Gaming Commission announced last month that it should be ready around April. This would be able to save the leftovers of Delaware's poker industry, but just as well Nevada's which has also underperformed significantly since the WSOP ended this summer.

In New Jersey things aren't going according to plan either, as their rake numbers in February this year experienced a 32.4% decrease year-on-year. In New Jersey the casino products are doing quite well next to poker, so for the operators it's not that big a hit, but things needs to be turned around if online poker is going to have a future in the US.

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