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Delaware and Nevada's Interstate Liquidity Sharing Deal May be Ready for Summer

Delaware and Nevada's Interstate Liquidity Sharing Deal May be Ready for Summer

Nevada and Delaware are both struggling with poker revenues and liquidity within the poker sites that have obtained a license to operate. A few weeks ago the two states made an agreement where they will be sharing their player pools with each other, in hopes of providing better games and thus increase the revenues and tax payments.

The deal also included the possibility for other states to enter in the agreement, ensuring that other states can get higher revenues from the start, but also to ensure long term success for the smaller states, as both Nevada and Delaware are in the bottom of states population wise.  

"If there are states that don’t have as sophisticated a regulatory structure as we have, that’s something we can offer,” Sandoval said to Las Vegas Review Journal and continued “If your state doesn’t have the infrastructure, use our capabilities.”

The original target for going live with the interstate liquidity sharing was somewhere this winter, but now it seems that things are moving along a lot faster. Jack Markell, Governor for Delaware and Brian Sandoval, Governor for Nevada, are now saying that they want to go live with the project this summer, giving hope of getting good poker games to the poker players of the two states shortly.

Currently only New Jersey, Nevada and Delaware have successfully regulated online poker and offered them to their citizens, but more will join shortly. The question is how many of these that would want to operate with games within the state only and how many that would want to join an interstate liquidity sharing scheme. 

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