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Delaware and Nevada in Shared Player Pool Agreement

Delaware and Nevada in Shared Player Pool Agreement

Governor Brian Sandoval of Nevada and Governor Jack Markell of Delaware both signed an agreement Tuesday that allows the two states to combine their two relatively small player pools at the tables, thus creating more traffic and hopefully revenue for both states. With an increased liquidity the market also becomes more attractive for investors and new potential players and is the first step towards a real all American poker network.

"This multi-state Internet agreement is the first ever of its kind," Sandoval said on Tuesday's press conference and continued:

"I consider this a landmark intersection in the road of gaming history. ... Nevada is proud to have the first state as our first partner."

There were three key points in the agreement between the two states, which will help towards making it more profitable for both states as well as integrate other states in the pool.

  1. It allows online poker operators in Delaware and Nevada to offer their games to both states' players. Revenue (rake) is evenly distributed amongst the states based on the players location
  2. Players from Nevada are subject to the states rules and laws, while players from Delaware are subject to that states rules and laws
  3. Easy integration of new states through a easy framework

Both Sandoval and Markell told the press that they want other states to participate in the deal, but currently only New Jersey has legislated online gambling besides the two states. The states joining the pool will get to choose between which games they will offer, as some states regulates online gambling differently than others.

It will be interesting to see if there is a market for all six poker rooms that will offer games to Nevada and Delaware citizens now, as Delaware combined only rakes around $90,000 a month and Nevada's combined rake is in the area of $300-$500K.

Seth Palansky, VP of Corporate Communication at Caesars Interactive Entertainment said: "We are very pleased with agreement between Delaware and Nevada," and continued:

"It's another case of forward thinking and an endorsement of the importance of pooled liquidity especially for lesser populated States. As Nevada set the blueprint for regulation, they now are setting the blueprint for inter-state collaboration." 

John Pappas from Poker Players Alliance (PPA) said: "It is terrific progress and hopefully can serve as a model for future Internet poker partnerships as more states regulate the industry,"

Looks like Poker in America is finally having a positive outlook.

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