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David “Chino” Rheem wins third World Poker Tour title at Seminole Hard Rock

David Chino Rheem wins third World Poker Tour title at Seminole Hard Rock

Chino Rheem scored his third World Poker Tour title at the $10,000 No Limit Hold'em Seminole Hard Rock Finale #22. He beat a field of 342 entries, earning himself $705,885 and becoming the fourth player to score triple WPT titles.



More than a year ago it was Anthony Zinno who joined Carlos Mortensen and Gus Hansen in doing so, and now Chino is part of the elite group as well. When being asked how much this title meant to him, Chino responded: “Honestly, because of where I'm at in life, man, it's probably number one right now. With everything I've been through and where I'm at in life and where my head's at, this probably would be number one, even though it's not even a million-dollar score. It's the smallest one I've done of the big ones, but this ranks as being up there as far as timing and everything.”



Chino started last night second in chips. The final table line-up:





Seat 1

Chino Rheem

3.430.000 (86 bb)

Seat 2

Bryan Piccioli

535.000 (13 bb)

Seat 3

Richard Leger

4.010.000 (100 bb)

Seat 4

Adrian Mateos

850.000 (21 bb)

Seat 5

William Benson

2.230.000 (56 bb)

Seat 6

Aditya Prasetyo

2.620.000 (66 bb)



Shortstack Bryan Piccioli exited in the third hand of the night, when he couldn't spike a T when he was all-in with AcTc vs AsQc. Short after, William Benson couldn't win the coinflip for his tournament life with Ah9h vs Leger's 7s7h, finishing fifth.

Adrian Mateos got in a huge cooler situation, when he almost lost all of his chips holding Qc4c on a board of Kd7c5c8c5h and couldn't beat Prasetyo's Ac3c.

Rheem then knocked out Leger with AT vs A3 and started the heads up play with a 1,4:1 chip advantage. He never gave this away, and finally Rheem's 7d6d was good enough to win vs Prasetyo's Kc9h on a board of JhTh4s7s7h. Prasetyo earned himself $484,130 for his second place, while Rheem walked away with $705,885 and the title.