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Daniel "MrGR33N13" Colman Winner of the EPT10 Grand Final Super High Roller

Daniel MrGR33N13 Colman Winner of the EPT10 Grand Final Super High Roller

A few hours ago Daniel "MrGR33N13" Colman was crowned the winner of the EPT10 Grand Final Super High Roller tournament, a $100,000 rebuy tournament that only the best of the best can afford to participate in. It didn't look as if Colman would win however, as he bought into the tournament a massive three times, for a total investment of $300,000.

Colman was therefore in for more than the minimum payout would provide and even with a seventh place, he would only bank a profit of $7,000 for his efforts. So he set sail and began grinding his way towards the final table, where he then played some solid poker and ended heads up against online superstar Daniel "Jungleman" Cates.

Not only was Colman facing a strong opponent, Cates also had a 1.6 to 1 chip advantage over Colman. But Colman is no amateur himself and is believed to be among the best heads up sit n go players in the world, giving him an advantage of being used to playing with fewer big blinds and uneven stacks.

Colman began grinding down Cates' stack, taking down a lot of smaller pots. Eventually Cates got frustrated by the situation and decided to push all-in, where Colman calls.

Cates showed: Queen Diamonds10 Clubs

Colman showed: King Hearts6 Hearts

The board comes out:

Ace Hearts3 Hearts6 Diamonds9 Diamonds3 Clubs

And Colman sees himself winning the EPT10 Grand Final Super High Roller tournament and a massive €1,699,700 in first prize money. Cates took down €1,283,700 for his second place, which is also decent for a few days of work. A total of 50 players participated in the tournament, buying in 62 times. The complete payout list is as follows:

Daniel Colman

The winner Daniel Colman, next to his chip stack and trophy

1. Daniel Colman (United States), €1,699,700*
2. Dan Cates (United States), €1,283,700*
3. Igor Kurganov (Russia), €1,128,300*
4. Richard Yong (China), €637,600
5. Rono Lo (China), €493,340
6. Paul Phua (Malaysia), €385,000
7. Ole Schemion (Germany), €307,000
8. Olivier Busquet (United States), $241,000

*Made a three way deal.

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