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Dan Bilzerian's interview with MailOnline

Dan Bilzerian's interview with MailOnline

Dan Bilzerian is known as the Instagram King and has a loyal following of over 200,000 members hungry for updates on his crazy lifestyle and pictures featuring exotic animals, naked girls and guns. Less than a week ago, Bilzerian's Bengal tiger bit a female guest on her breast and the crowd loved it.

He describes himself as an actor, an astronaut and an asshole and shares his life story with MailOnline. In his interview he claims he never received much attention as a child which is why he now lives such a fantastic lifestyle.

Bilzerian is a highschool drop-out yet he amassed over $100 million playing poker and has homes in Los Angeles, San Diego and Las Vegas. His lifestyle is allegedly driven by childhood traumas and memories of his father, a Vietnam veteran who was jailed jailed twice for corporate fraud.

Now, at 33 years of age, Bilzerian feels bullet-proof and has the scars to show it: he has survived two heart attacks brought on by alcohol, cocaine, Viagra and strippers. He has also survived two NAVY SEAL training hell weeks, something he is very proud of.

Dan Bilzerian also talks about his softer side. Behind the rugged exterior, Bilzerian has given away hundreds of thousands of dollars to charity and claims these actions give him "a bigger bang for his buck" than winning.

Source: Daily Mail