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Dan Bilzerian Arrested at LAX Trying to Make Bombs


Dan Bilzerian has been the talk of the town for the past year. The 34-year old playboy, who is mostly famous for posting pictures of naked/semi-naked women and guns while living the life most dream of, was arrested for an out-of-state warrant in the LAX, the police department told to the press.


Bilzerian was allegedly arrested on charges of having tried to create his own bombs, having been investigated for a longer period of time. The criminal complaint stated that Bilzerian had ammonium, aluminium powder along with ammonium nitrate mix, which combined the correct way is like TNT.


Bilzerian has been warranted since October, but the police department decided to leave him alone to not attract any suspicion towards them, while gathering proof of what Bilzerian was trying to create. 


The LAPD’s Sheriff Inmate Data shows that a Dan Brandon Bilzerian, born December 7th 1980 is currently being held. Bilzerian is currently arrested with no bail available, as well as no court date listed. Bilzerian has yet to make an official statement in regards to this whole incident, but surely his lawyer will make on shortly.