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COVID-19 pandemic surge the growth of Online Gaming

COVID 19 pandemic surge the growth of Online Gaming

After the spread of COVID-19 pandemic most of the sports leagues and casinos have been suspended and due to this online betting sites have gained prominence. A huge number of people are now coming online to place their bets and this has led to several records breaking number in online gambling in 2020.

The states which have seen a huge growth impact in online poker are New Jersey and Pennsylvania. In the month of April New Jersey recorded revenue of $79.9 million from online poker and casino games which was an increase of 118% from the last year April statistics which was $36.6 million.

On the other side the state of Pennsylvania has recorded exceptional revenue in month of April with online poker and casino games this was according to the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board. According to PlayUSA, the four most popular online games are slots, blackjacks, craps and roulette. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Google searches for online poker reached a five year peak, with the rise in mid-March-that was the time when most of the sports leagues were being suspended.

But even though the online poker has been a helping hand during these lockdown periods for the struggling sportsbooks, it has certainly not change the entire picture and has not cope-up with the losses.

In the month of April 2020, the Pennsylvania total sports betting were around $46 million in comparison with $348.4 million in January 2020. And now here is the important fact to note down that is the handle is majorly made up from international sportsbook like Korean baseball, NASCAR and betting on popular video and virtual games like “League of Legends.”

In an email sent to MarketWatch, the analyst of Pennsylvania Veleri Cross said that, ““There will likely be long-term implications from this surge in online gambling interest. A behavioral shift that makes online gambling permanently more popular is likely to continue even after casinos reopen,”