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Couple Arrested for Hosting Home game in Newport

Couple Arrested for Hosting Home game in Newport

Poker is a friendly game and many plays it at home without even considering the fact that it might be illegal. This happened to a couple in Newport, who were regularly hosting a poker home game for their friends, where they were playing for money, but no rake or fees were taken to play there.

The couple, Jennifer and Adam Schlain, were hosting a home game a few weeks back, where their friends were playing when three armed men came into the house and pointed a gun to the head of them. The robbers got away with a total of $11,000, after threatening Adam to shoot him if he didn't give them the money.

The police were informed about the robbery and came to the house, where they saw that they had been playing poker. The police quickly started to interrogate the players at the house, where Jennifer had to interrupt and tell her players that if they needed a lawyer then she would represent them, to ensure that nobody would talk too much.

It did however end that way and both Adam and Jennifer got arrested for hosting illegal gambling home games, despite them explaining that they just wanted to host a nice social event and not have it spread out across the area. 

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